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October 15th ASHRAE Luncheon and Technical Presentation

Greetings!  Please join us for our October Lunch and Technical Presentation.  Trent Thiel from Camfil USA will make a presentation on Molecular Filtration.


Registration will close Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 5 pm. Walk-ins are no longer able to attend luncheons.  If you are planning on attending you must pre-register 

Their presentation will focus on the correct methods, not products, to remove molecular contaminants. Due to their abilities to test according to ISO 10121-1, ISO 10121-2, ASHRAE 145.1, and ASHRAE 145.2 not only is their research backed by simulations carried out at realistic operating conditions.



Trent Thiel

Trent Thiel is the Molecular Filtration Segment Manager for Camfil US. He majored in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University and worked in process gas decontamination 10 years in San Francisco, CA where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.


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