April 2013 ASHRAE Luncheon

Topic: AMCA 205 and ASHRAE 90.1

Place: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Date: Monday, April 15, 2013

Time: Registration 11:30am, Program 11:45am

Cost: $20 Local ASHRAE Members, $25 Non-Local ASHRAE Members

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AMCA International is collaborating with the ASHRAE SSPC 90.1 Committee and its Mechanical Subcommittee and Fan Working Group to develop a fan efficiency requirement in the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings.  The specification is written around ANSI/AMCA 205-12 Energy Efficiency Classification for Fans, and is embodied in a "continuous maintenance proposals" (CMP).  The proposal specifies a fan efficiency grade (FEG) 67, and that the fan shall be sized and selected within 15 percentage points of its peak total efficiency.  A number of exemptions are granted, including fans with motors <= 5 HP; fan arrays with an aggregate motor HP <= 5 HP; powered roof/wall ventilators; fans installed in equipment bearing certifications for air or energy performance; fans that operate only during emergencies; and fans that are not within the scope of AMCA 205.  Status: As of February 20, 2013: Addendum u was approved by the ASHRAE Board of Directors and will be published as part of the 2013 version of ASHRAE 90.1; availability is expected in mid-2013.


Michael Ivanovich

Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives

The Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc (AMCA)

Michael leads the development and refinement of energy and green-construction codes, standards, and specifications, and represents AMCA International among organizations and government agencies that develop energy efficiency codes, standards, and regulations.  In his role with AMCA, Michael performs, and communicates, market research and analysis on how air systems are engineered, installed, operated, and maintained.  He also develops and delivers air-system education, training, and outreach programs for a broad spectrum of professionals involved in the buildings industry.

Before having a 14-year career in publishing as a chief editor of Consulting-Specifying Engineer and HPAC Engineering magazines, Michael was a research scientist in the fields of building science and computer technology working for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Minnesota Department of Health, Camroden Associates, and NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory (through Univ. of Colorado at Boulder).

AMCA International is a not-for-profit international association representing 288 of the world’s manufacturers of air system equipment, including fans, louvers, dampers, sunshades, and, acoustic attenuators for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.  The association’s mission is to promote the health and growth of the air movement and control industry consistent with the interest of the public.


March 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Topic: Building Commissioning: It’s All About the People

Place: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Date: Monday, March 18, 2013

Time: Registration 11:30am, Program 11:45am

Cost: $20 Local ASHRAE Members, $25 Non-Local ASHRAE Members

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The cooperation of the commissioning (Cx) team spells the success or failure of the quality assurance process. Cx is a collaborative process that allows the participants to succeed, rather than forcing them. It is impossible to build a bad facility when commissioning is rigorously employed. Unfortunately, the onslaught of certification programs and legal requirements has led to poor or incomplete Cx, done only to get the credit. This is often accompanied by reverse-engineered Cx documents that add expense instead of being valuable project tools. This seminar teaches the “people factor” in Cx. It covers roles, responsibilities and motivating factors that add up to a Cx job well done.

Speaker: RONALD J. WILKINSON, P.E.,  Commissioning Authority, New York, New York

Mr. Wilkinson is a nationally published author and speaker on commissioning quality assurance procedures for the building construction industry. He is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and an AIA Continuing Education provider. He produced the first USGBC LEED commissioning training program, the first New York City Department of Design and Construction commissioning training DVD and continues speaking nationally and internationally.

He is on the editorial board of Heating/ Piping/ Air Conditioning Engineering (HPAC) magazine and is published in the ASHRAE Journal, American School and University, Engineered Systems and Engineering News-Record magazines, among others. He is recording secretary of ASHRAE GPC 0.2 and 1.2 committees developing guidelines for commissioning existing building systems and is former co-chair of the NASFA Commissioning Guideline Committee that published its “Building Commissioning Recommended Guidelines” in 2003. His NEEA “Best Practices in Commissioning” was published in 2000.

Mr. Wilkinson is founding chair of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Commissioning Advisory Sub-committee and selected papers for and moderated the inaugural COTE commissioning symposium “Vision 2009: Building Commissioning.” He is currently on the NIBS Whole Building Design Guide committee, rewriting the commissioning portions of the WBDG. Ron earned his BSMAE from the Illinois Institute of Technology and his master of Public Administration from the Evergreen State College. He is and independent Commissioning Authority in New York City


February 2013 Luncheon Meeting

Topic: Case Studies: Implementing ASHRAE’s Allowable Ranges in Data Centers

Place: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Date: Monday, February 18, 2013

Time: Registration 11:30am, Program 11:45am

Cost: $20 Local ASHRAE Members, $25 Non-Local ASHRAE Members

Presenter: Don Beaty

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Presentation Abstract:

Prior to the first release of ASHRAE’s groundbreaking Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments publication in 2004, the data center designs were high cost and high PUE.  The publication was the first truly vendor neutral consensus on data center design parameters having been established by the collaborative efforts of the major IT OEMs, and the data center facilities design and operations industry within ASHRAE TC9.9’s membership.

Since that first publication, ASHRAE has released two major updates to those design parameters in response to the industry call for increased energy efficiency / lower PUEs.  In 2011, the IT OEMs from ASHRAE TC9.9 once again delivered first of a kind data on higher Allowable Environmental temperature and humidity ranges and the relative failure rates of IT equipment at higher temperatures.

DLB Associates has designed a combined 4GW of data center critical capacity including eight Google data center campuses and have extensive experience in the full spectrum of data center designs from the traditional to bleeding edge innovative.  This session will present case studies looking at the impact on capital, performance, and operational characteristics of data centers with varying implementations of the latest ASHRAE guidelines.

Speaker BIO:

ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 9.9 was co-founded by DLB President Don Beaty (along with IBM Fellow / Chief Thermal Architect Roger Schmidt) in 2003.

Its mission: To be recognized by ALL areas of the datacom industry as the unbiased engineering leader in HVAC and an effective provider of technical information for the datacom industry.

TC 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment is concerned with the design, operations, maintenance, and efficient energy usage of modern data centers and technology spaces.

The committee is comprised of a wide range of industry representatives including, but not limited to equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, data center operators, academia, testing laboratories, and government, who are all committed to increasing and sharing the body of knowledge related to data centers.

Don Beaty was Chair of TC 9.9 from its inception through June 2006. During this time, Don dedicated his efforts on educating the industry and exposing the work of TC 9.9 in order to solidify ASHRAE’s reputation of being THE unbiased, vendor-neutral source of data center cooling material: a focus that has resulted in Don publishing over 50 technical papers and articles.

Don currently serves as Publications Chair for TC 9.9. Previously, Don was with ASHRAE TC 90.1 (energy standards committee) from 1993 to the present serving in various roles, including Vice-Chair.

Don is an ASHRAE Fellow and the 2012 recipient of the ASHRAE George B. Hightower Technical Achievement Award in recognition for his TC 9.9 leadership and contribution. He has served in leadership positions on ASHRAE committees on energy and CRAC unit performance, is a major contributor to over 10 data center books, and was the first chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 9.9 and currently serves as its Publications Chair.

Don Beaty founded DLB Associates over 30 years ago and continues to guide the firm through his strategic vision and holistic approach to problem solving.  A licensed engineer in over 40 states, Don has always sought to challenge convention and redefine the design and construction industry to overcome the traditional barriers and enable groundbreaking progress.

He is also a frequent keynote speaker for the data center industry, having presented over 100 times and in more than 25 countries on various data center-centric topics. In addition to the title of ASHRAE Fellow, Don was heralded by DatacenterDynamics for his “Outstanding Contribution to the Data Center Industry” in 2007.



January 2013 ASHRAE Luncheon Meeting

Topic: Net Zero Energy Ready Installation - Strategies, Tactics and Tools

Place: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Date: Monday, January 21, 2013

Time: Registration 11:30am, Program 11:45am

Cost: $20 Local ASHRAE Members, $25 Non-Local ASHRAE Members

Presenter: Dr Richard J Liesen 

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Current Federal/DOD Energy Laws, Polices and Directives from the Energy Policy Act 2005 to The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, and several Executive Orders have formed the current Army Net Zero Energy Policy.  Current Army goals are to have 7 Net Zero installations by 2020, 25 by 2031 and all by 2058.  The problem is that path and process is difficult and needs to be customized for a very diverse set of locations and buildings, and still maintain the Army’s primary mission.  To address this task a research project was initiated in 2010 titled “Modeling Net Zero Installations” to develop a process and tool to optimally meet these requirements.  This presentation will present the requirements, the process that has been developed, and show some example case studies.  

Presenter Bio

Dr. Richard J. Liesen Ph.D. joined the US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) in June 2009.  He is currently a Co-PI for the “Modeling Net Zero Installations”,  “Modeling and Mitigation of Energy Losses in Building Envelopes”, and “High Performance Building Operations” research projects, as well as working on other various building energy efficiency projects for permanent Army Installations, mainly in the U.S.

Before CERL Dr. Liesen worked at Owens Corning at the Science & Technology Center in Granville, OH and when he left he was the R&D Leader of the Building Science group.  

Before Owens Corning Dr. Liesen was the Research Professor and Associate Director in the Building Systems Laboratory at the University of Illinois.  At the Building Systems Lab he was on the original development team for the merger between BLAST and DOE-2 energy analysis programs to produce the National Energy Analysis Program called “EnergyPlus™,” supported by the Department of Energy (DOE). 


November 2012 ASHRAE Luncheon Meeting

TOPIC: Green Buildings Waste Energy Efficiently

PLACE: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

DATE: Monday, November 19, 2012

TIME: Registration 11:30am, Program 11:45am

COST: $20 Local ASHRAE members, $25 Non-Local ASHRAE Members

PRESENTER: Larry Spielvogel, PE



Actual experience with metered energy data from green and sustainable buildings shows that most do not perform any better than other new buildings.  One of the main reasons is the complexity that is designed and installed to hopefully achieve more points and meet higher standards, but does not perform as advertised or modeled.  In addition, most building operators are not able to understand how these complex systems are supposed to function.  Even many contractors have little or no experience or training with installing and maintaining these systems.  This presentation will provide examples of widely publicized green and sustainable buildings with metered data that proves they waste energy efficiently.

Speaker Biography

Larry Spielvogel is a Consulting Engineer with less than 50 years of experience, located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in less than 50 States and in less than 40 other countries. 
He is a Fellow and Life Member of ASHRAE and a bunch of other societies. He has never submitted or won any design awards and never got any of these new certifications. The only initials after his name are those granted by governments, because more initials may imply that he is better than anyone else is.  Thus, he is not being extorted to pay for continuing education costs by the sponsoring organizations. He fears that any more initials after his name might paint a target on his back for the lawyers to shoot at. He does not always comply with ASHRAE standards because they are not required by codes or by law, and believes they no longer represent the standard ofcare in the HVAC field. Not all the members of the ASHRAE committees can even understand them. 
He has never been sued, except for divorce. He is not worried about offending any sponsors or 
advertisers. Most organizationsand publications are catering to sponsors and advertisers today. He is just an old-fashioned engineer.

His motto is “show me your metered data.”